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End of another era

I was surprised that after I shared my post on self-love, the most common response I received was - wait, you’re moving out of London? I guess the simple answer is yes.

I have lived in the UK for over seven years. I studied at three different schools and lived in four different cities. I tried countless activities and met a large number of great people. Yet, at the end of my 7-year journey, I was further than ever from feeling grounded. In seven years I’d thought I’d settle down, find my goal and follow it. But just how I was convinced that I ‘need to move to the UK’ when I was a teenager, I am now certain that I ‘need to go home’. Homecoming (not the Beyoncé kind) was always seen for me as something weak, something to be looked down at. And here I am. Packing my bags, taking a step in a direction that never felt more right.

The British chapter is done: glad and grateful for what I’ve learnt, ready to apply it somewhere else.

England presented some major opportunities to me. It showed me how to be a better person, how to dream big but always keep your feet firm on the ground. It taught me how to speak English (ish), to act in a certain way. Thanks to the UK, I could be myself (but what does that mean) - it was easier to stop eating meat, to start shopping second hand and experimenting with zero waste. But now I’m ready for the next big challenge - to face my hometown again.

I was ready to move to Japan. And I didn’t. I used to say I’d never move back home. And here I am. So when I say that the next stop for me is going to be Berlin, you know that for me nothing is set in stone... but I have a feeling it will happen!

And so, the British chapter is done. Glad and grateful for what I’ve learnt, ready to apply it somewhere else. And yes, I do have a job and yes, I do have friends here. But I also have a loving family and wonderful people back home. I enjoyed having two homes for a while but now it’s time to move on, to go home. And hell yeah do I love MOVING!


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