Hello! Call me Gaby but
find me as @gabrielleditt. 
And what truly fulfils me?


With your help, in September 2021, I will publish an interactive book The (R)evolution of Love. It is not your regular paperback but an artefact that combines prose with interactive exercises that help you form better quality relationships. Because what would be left in life if you were to take work away? Your partner, friends, family? In other words, bonds. Hence we must nurture them. And as with everything, it all starts with you. Join the (R)evolution today and DONATE NOW to the account below. Thank you! 

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I have been writing this blog for almost 10 years. I write (and talk extensively) about love, mindfulness, and (the search for) fulfilment. If these topics are of interest to you, hit me up and I'd be happy to write an article, moderate an event or organise a workshop for you!


Together with Cecilia Righini, we co-founded this feminist platform Vagina-nomics to bring attention to tabooed topics like sex, gender, or identity. For the two magazines and numerous events, we brought together over 30 artists. You can listen to us on the Monocle podcast and buy your issue in leading magazine stores worldwide or online.




I oversee the operations of the mentoring programs at Femme Palette. There, I can utilise my bubbly personality with my mild OCD, in communicating with mentees and coaches as well as ensuring all participants are happy and satisfied with the service. Passionate about self-development? Drop me a line

If my work caught your attention, let me know via a message or by connecting on social media. Whether you'd like me to write an article for you, moderate an event, or just talk about love and self-development, I'd love to hear from you. 

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Gaby alias @gabrielleditt

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