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'Only through loving ourselves can we build quality relationships with others.'

The (R)evolution of Love is an interactive book that shows three types of relationships and provides engaging tasks to help you think about the quality of your relations - with others and with yourself. The book unashamedly talks about sex, infidelity, and loneliness. It serves as a mirror to look deeper inside you. Nobody else will complete the story the same way you will and that’s the key. Are you ready to experience your own (R)evolution of Love? Read a sample here.

With huge thanks to all my financial supporters

Lucia M., Caroline R., Marketa H., Matej. K, Lucie N., Tereza R., Klara H., Anna P., Laura B., Martina K., Liliia D., Pavel K., Marek M., Ana Maria A. K., Veronika M., Jaroslav & Lenka D., Viktor & Jana J., Vladimir P., Tereza B., Jiri D., Evgenia S., Nicole C., Veronika J., Magda K., Petra S., Nadia K., Michaela S., Renata D., Angi Q.W., Jiri R., Anna K., Honza F., Tatiana S., Andrey B., Ludmila L., Barbora G., Michaela P., Katerina S., Ter H.

And to Quatro Print for their fantastic work.

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