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Sessions – A Session may be carried out over the telephone, internet or in person at mutually agreed place and times during the Coaching Period.


Duration of Sessions – Each Session will last from 40 to 60 minutes and will take place every 1 to 5 weeks throughout the Coaching Period or at such other times as is agreed during the Period. You must be on time for all Sessions, whether these take place using the telephone, internet or in person.


Session Times – You must give me no less than

24 hours notice when changing time of the Session. If you cancel more than three Sessions during the Coaching Period then I may terminate this Agreement on notice to you. A Coaching Session may be deemed to have taken place if less than 24 hour’s notice is given. If I cancel a Session then the Session will be

rescheduled at an agreed time.


Engagement of Coach – I shall arrange to

provide the Coaching to you during the Period at

mutually agreed times and places. I shall use my

best endeavours to make myself available for the

entire period. I may in my discretion arrange for a

suitable duly qualified coach to replace me for any or all of the Sessions if I am unavailable for part or

all of the Period and such coach shall thereafter

be deemed to be me for the purposes of this



Training of Coach – I warrant that I am a coach following my ICF-accredited Full Circle Global training and am capable of performing the Coaching activities.


Payment for Coach – Payment for the Coaching

Sessions shall be made by bank transfer unless otherwise agreed.


Coaching Methods – You acknowledge that the

Coaching Sessions may be personally, emotionally

and physically challenging and that there may be

occasions on which you will feel emotional

challenges – including frustration, annoyance or

stress. You must make all efforts and schedule all Sessions at such times to ensure your peak physical, mental, and emotional state and condition

necessary for the conduct of the Session and shall

(if necessary) take all steps to cancel any Session in

the event that you are not well enough to continue.


You will not hold me liable for any loss or cost incurred by you (or any person related to you) in 

the event of mental, physical, emotional stress or

distress (or any other ailment or condition) caused

either directly or indirectly in relation to the

Coaching Sessions. You shall indemnify me in the

event of any such claim.

No Warranties Given – I make no representation

or warranty to you that any of the Coaching

methods or the Sessions will work for your

particular circumstances. You will not hold me

responsible for the failure (in part or whole) to

achieve any of your goals.

Intellectual Property Rights – You have no right

to use or reproduce any of the processes,

techniques, presentations, methodologies,

precedents and materials used by me in the

Coaching activities (“Materials”). You must not at

any time use or reproduce the Materials in any

manner, shape or form (except for your own

personal use). You shall indemnify in respect of any loss or damage caused or sustained by me in the event of your breach of this paragraph.


Confidential Material – As part of the

Coaching I may need to obtain your personal

details or confidential material relating to you

personally. I shall use reasonable endeavours

to ensure that such material shall not be

disclosed to any third party without your consent.

Coach is Independent Contractor – You

acknowledge that I have been engaged by you

solely as an independent contractor. I act at

all times as an independent contractor and

have no authority to bind or represent any

other party in any way. You shall not hold any

party liable for any act matter or thing done or

to be done by me in the course of the Sessions.


Termination of Agreement – I may

terminate this Agreement before the end of the

Period on written notice to you if:

i) you fail to perform or observe any of the

terms of this Agreement and fail to remedy

such breach within 5 working days of a notice

from me to remedy that failure;

ii) you fail to perform any term of this

Agreement, which is incapable of remedy;

iii) an insolvency event occurs in relation by

you (for instance, you become bankrupt or

some arrangement or court order is made or

proposed in relation to all or any of your

assets); or

iv) any payment has been dishonoured and you fail to honour such payment within 5 working days of a notice.

You may terminate this Agreement if the

matters raised in paragraphs (i) and (ii) are

applicable to me.


Procedure on Termination – If the

agreement is validly terminated prior to the

end of the Period then you must immediately

pay me the balance (if any) of the fee for the

unexpired period of Coaching, together with

any other monies owed by you under this

agreement. Upon termination I shall

immediately cease to be liable to you in respect

of the Coaching and the Sessions.


Data Protection

[Company name]  fully complies and is

registered with the Data Protection Agency.

Thank you for your consent. Let's get coaching!

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