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Transformational Coaching

Conversations that will shift your mindset

Coaching is an interactive process that supports people in developing on a professional as well as a personal level and enables them to achieve their goals and dreams more effectively. Coaching can be applied to all areas of life, such as career, relationships, or business.


I am a mirror

My role as a coach is to create a safe and supportive environment. I make sure you feel comfortable and can share openly your thoughts, fears, and desires. My role is not to guide nor advise, but to serve as a mirror in which you can find your answers.

You get what you give

Nobody tells you it's easy. You are responsible for your progress, we're not here just to have a nice chat. Our goal is a lasting change in your everyday life and my role is to stretch, challenge and support you throughout.


6 sessions (60min) 

We have six sessions together. First, we analyse your current situation and create an inspiring goal, then you lay out and systematically complete 3-5 milestones. You will leave at the end with a sustainability plan, mission statement, and an affirmation. 

Meet Gaby

Gabriela Dittrichova is an ICF ACSTH Professional Coach (i.e. has 64 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), qualified by the Full Circle Development Consultancy Ltd. Previously, Gaby worked for a mentoring platform where she conducted interviews with over 200 mentees, helping them identify their goals and name what they want to accomplish. 


Driven by her passion for self-discovery, Gabriela has published a book The (R)evolution of Love which encourages the reader to examine the quality of their relationships. If you are looking for someone to help you accelerate your growth, let’s jump on a call and see if we’re a good fit.

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The experience of having Gaby as a coach was truly transformational. She is a natural coach, intuitive and brilliant who really cares. Working with a coach is a must for anyone training to achieve their best and Gaby is a sure bet. She will support you with constructive and positive coaching, guiding you to achieve your goal, even in ways you never anticipated. Her sessions are insightful and motivating, and I cannot recommend her enough. 

Founder | Mentor | TEDx Speaker

Want to know more?

If you are interested in coaching, please, leave your contact details below and let's have a call. Thanks!

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