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Bye bye, summer holidays

Summer is officially over, at least the holidays. And it's sad. But just like with every ending, this change opens space for a new beginning.

Ground-breaking, right? The holidays have ended. Time for some deep reflection sh*t. Seriously? Nah, don't think so. Let's go with some quick, light-hearted read instead!

I have been blessed to be able to go around multiple amazing countries this summer, most of which will sooner or later appear here, but what's most crazy is that my last ever summer holidays just came to an end.

Yes, that is it! No more summer holidays for me. At least not two months long. However, thanks to freelancing (which also has its downs, read more here), I get to work from anywhere in the world - at any given time (if Wifi and energy levels allow). Thanks to that, I almost constantly feel like I'm on holiday anyway. And it's great!

And so although I am sad that the amazing days of eating gelato and drinking pinot noir are over, I am happy to move on. And work (what? who said that?!).

Wish you all a wonderful start of a new academic year (for many looking exactly the same as the previous one), hope it will be full of recalling and making wonderful memories and people to share it with. Or better, writing them in a diary and then enjoy coming back to them again and again. And once the diary is safe and stored, let's rock autumn!


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