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Copenhagen: What to See

Copenhagen is fun. It is all you would expect from Amsterdam, less the weed, plus the design. The Danish capital is as pricey as London, yet it lacks the reputation of a metropolis, instead, it feels very friendly and welcoming. From the Design Museum to the Rosenborg Castle, in Copenhagen, everyone can find what they are most interested in… and wash it down with some delicious beer (sorry, no pints here) at the end of the day.

Our Danish discovery started with the tourist necessities – the castles. First, the Rosenborg castle, showing the exquisite royal apartments and the Crown Jewels. Followed by the Amalienborg Palace accompanied by the compulsory Changing of the Royal Guards.

When in Copenhagen, you cannot miss The Little Mermaid. Obviously. But do go there in early morning hours as otherwise you have no chance of getting a snap without heads of Chinese tourists posing on the furthest stone in front of her.

Once all the mandatory visits are completed, you may move on to the more fun things. Feeling adventurous, then I recommend the Tivoli Gardens, feeling rich, explore the ILLUM, the #interiorgoals department store. Feeling chilled, just stroll down the Nyhavn and take some Insta-popular pictures to brighten up your Insta feed

Denmark is the home of Carlsberg, but there is so much more on the menu. I discovered this on the second day of our tour excursion when we visited the Tap House and, without hesitation, I sampled some of the best beers on the Danish taps. Not the smartest decision as my stomach was still feeling funny and the rest of my body was doing unwise decisions, but still worth exploring the most globally-renowned fact on the Danish culture.

Anyways, after a few delicious ‘pints’, it was time to leave Copenhagen and explore other corners of Denmark. Would I visit the city again? Why not, maybe with my girlfriends. Would I pronounce Copenhagen the most fashionable capital of Europe? Certainly not, though I have pay all my respect toward the cleanliness, purity and kind behaviour of the locals (and the astonishing English).

But the capital is missing something. I do not know if it is me being poisoned by the luxuries of London, or just having the wrong set of mind when visiting. Nevertheless, I am happy I visited Copenhagen and got the overall feel of the Danish capital. It will take some time before I visit the city again but till then having nothing but good memories to attach to this place.

Thank you, Copenhagen, for showing me how to drink like a Dane and tried to teach me something about the breathtaking history of Vikings and the Danish royalty. Too bad, I am still loyal to Prince Harry.


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