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Denmark: On a Tour

It is the holiday season and so I went on holidays. Not the romantic kind when you go with your beloved one or a group of friends, yet I did not go alone. I went with my mum and spent a lovely few days with her… and about 40 other people. That is because we went on an excursion tour. Yes, it was the kind when you jump on the bus and get taken from place to place, listening to hundreds on information about different venues and try to maintain at least 10% of what you heard in your head.

Well, I did not manage. Spoiled by Google in the today’s age, I cannot say I remember a single sentence I got told by the most-educated and knowledgeable tour guide in the north of Europe (magically speaking Czech), also because I spent the first two days with a massive headache and a sick stomach, so sleep was the only thing I could focus on.

However, after the appalling first two days, I put myself together and started enjoying the vacation. I am not attempting to give you a ‘top 10 destinations’ list of places to visit or to educate you on ‘what to do’ in Denmark, there have been plenty of amazing posts written about that (one of my favourites: Suitcase), but I am happy to share with you my personal story about what I experienced whilst discovering the south of Scandinavia (yes, I remembered one thing – Denmark is actually a part of Scandinavia, although not on the Scandinavian peninsula).

And so it goes. We spent a wonderful couple of days exploring every Danish corner possible. From the up-and-coming Insta destination at the Copenhagen’s Nyhavn to the picturesque Odense with its H.C.Andersen’s museum, the magical Viking’s castle Aggersborgand Hamlet’s home, Kronborg castle. There has been much more, which I will be capturing in the upcoming posts.

But first, I have had a crazy experience there, in Denmark, with the tour guide. Although he has been amazing, and though his name I cannot share, it has been a crazy roller-coaster ride with him over the few days we spent in Copenhagen. Fair, he’s an employee. Fair, I’m a tourist. Yet, it is surprising what a few drinks can do with two complete strangers, sane and adult persons. It would be unprofessional, rude and dangerous to go into any more details in this post, so I just let your imagination go wild… or encourage you to drop me a line and I may answer some questions this post might have created. Till then, I thank you Denmark for an unforgettable experience and look forward to coming back to you some time again.


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