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Normandy: the Jewel of France

Recalling the summer memories seems to be the best way how to stay relaxed and calm during a hectic period. My way to fight the rush is to think of the one place that makes me happy. It is a heaven on Earth, the jewel of the French country. Normandy, you won me over!  

Fashion weeks, midterm breaks, ending summer, beginning of autumn, exams, assignments, commitments, etc. etc. I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with things to do but feeling like I would rather do nothing at all. It is moments like these, that I decide to make a cup of steaming hot tea, dig out some cookies, light up scented candles and cosy up in the blankets. Once comfortable, I start remembering the past summer nights, when time ran slower and days were longer. These thoughts take me away from all my worries and help me escape the hectic days.

In the middle of nowhere, there is a beautiful farmhouse called Orchard Gites

One of those wonderful holidays were whilst in Normandy. In the middle of nowhere, there is a beautiful farmhouse called Orchard Gites. Run by a lovely British lady, once you pass the gate (let me say ‘after’ you pass it since you are likely to have missed it first couple of times. Do not rely on Google here, it will lead you nowhere, rather grab a phone and call the lady directly!), the state of complete relaxation arrives.

The farmhouse in Normandy is as picturesque as it is welcoming. Located just on the outskirt of a tiny village, St Quentin – lower Normandy, you soon discover that there is not a shortage of things to do. After visiting some tourist attractions, you come to a conclusion that the most beautiful moments occur during the sunset whilst listening to the singing birds and saying good night to the buzzing insects.

Normandy is as picturesque as it is welcoming

The mornings are equally calming. Encouraged by a delicious breakfast sourced from the local supplies, one has the power to fully embrace the surrounding nature and gain the ability to switch off the brain whilst tuning into other senses.

Normandy, in one word, is breathtaking. Quite literally, one can easily forget to breath, whilst having his mind blown away by the natural beauty and peaceful surroundings. What are all the big cities in the world when the countryside is the one and only place where you can truly switch off. Normandy, je t’aime.

With special thank you to Alison for making our stay extremely pleasant.


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