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Sky Walk in the Czech Republic

The most relaxing time of the year, summer! There is no need to stress about family gatherings, shopping for gifts, or cooking for the entire family and more. No, all you have to do this season is to book your time off work and start thinking about where to let your hair down and your energy levels up. One such a place is in the heart of the mountains in the Czech Republic. Although it might not be the most obvious location for your summer holiday, trust me, there is so much to do and enjoy that after a short break you will feel refreshed, energised, and more balanced.

I visited the Sky Walk, Dolni Morava, in the middle of spring, when there was still snow on the slopes and some confused deers in the forest. Besides, the weather was more acceptable for a straight uphill track than it is now when the country has been flooded with 30 degrees heat waves and therefore the chairlift might be your better call. Regardless of the temperature, the view that this place offers is astonishing and will be remembered well into the winter days.

The team of architects at Franek has done an amazing job designing a structure that fits in nicely with the environment whilst provides a unique experience in the heart of nature. This walk offers it all, from scary balancing paths and viewpoints, to a super fast metal slide. It is equally suitable for kids, adults, families, and couples. One can decide to spend ten minutes there, I would, however, for the price of the ticket, make the most of it and spend as long as your companion/weather/opening time allows.

If I was to visit again, which I would truly love to, I would definitely make the effort to come either at sunrise or at sunset. The colours the sky would paint must be incredible and that would make the whole experience even more memorable. Sunsets are a special time of the day when nothing else matters. Therefore, this one-of-a-kind moment can be enjoyed as if on top of the world, feeling free, independent, and balanced, whilst treasuring on of the most beautiful natural jewels in the Czech mountains. See more on the importance of nature here.

Interesting fact, the construction is made of 380 tons of steel and I cannot even imagine how it was installed (luckily, there are multiple information points sharing stories and  images about how this enormous project came to life). For me, the important bit is that the spiral slide is 100 m long. For someone might be short, for me, it is longer than necessary. Furthermore, the net called the drop, was hard enough to get in. I can still feel the sickness in my stomach when I was stepping onto it. But the feeling of satisfaction and excitement that came afterwards was surely worth it.

Dolni Morava, you blew my mind away and I will be looking forward to coming back one day. Wish you well, thank you for all the wonderful memories and photographs I have made there, and have a splendid summer!


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