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A thoughtful Christmas gift guide

As published on the Femme Palette blog.

It’s the time of the year when we start putting together a list of our beloved ones and thinking about what to give them. Christmas 2020 is going to be different - from virtual Xmas parties to sending gifts via mail, we all have to adjust our habits. Gone are the days of giving useless presents. Now is the time to give thoughtful gifts that can make an impact long after the decorations are put down. And so, we created the ultimate 2020 Xmas gift guide to help you source presents that have the power to change the life of our beloved ones.

A wonderful way of gifting is to give and to receive in return. That is the case with Donio Plus, where you can support many amazing projects and get rewarded for your action. One such example is the Femvie campaign, a brand providing holistic period care, which is collecting funds for their hormonal imbalance tincture. For your donation, you can get a menstrual cramp balm, a cotton bag, or be the first to receive their product. Another great Donio Plus project is ‘In a second’ - a video guide showing how to provide first aid to control bleeding. Your reward can be a mug, a pair of socks, a tote bag, or a first-aid kid. And what’s best? These products can double up as Xmas gifts. That’s Christmas sorted, so go ahead and spread some joy!

Christmas is also about sharing. And thanks to the pandemic, you might have been spending more time with your partner than you have been used to. And that can be a great opportunity to work on your relationship - because if Xmas was only about one thing, that it would definitely be love. We found this subscription service #MAMESE which can be a great gift for your partner, but also for yourself. Every month, you receive a surprise package with some ideas on how to strengthen, spice up, or otherwise nourish your relationship. One thing money can’t buy is health. But we can do our fair bit to protect it, for example, by regular self-examination. A popular Czech nonprofit Loono educates the general public on the importance of prevention and how to discover cardiovascular or oncological diseases on time. If you want to buy beautiful gifts and also show that you care about the health of others, check out the Loono e-shop. A proportion of the purchase goes towards their campaigns to popularise prevention in the Czech Republic (and beyond). From booby tops to moustache-socks, Loono guarantees that this Christmas won’t be gloomy and dark.

Speaking of health, recently we started talking more about mental health and its importance in becoming successful. If you have never tried therapy, we suggest booking a slot with or trying Terapie v lese (The Forest Therapy). Especially during the pandemic, it can be particularly useful to have someone to talk to, to help you overcome the feelings of isolation, loneliness, etc. And once you get the personal experience, you will know who would be the best recipient of this kind of gift, too. If you are a fan of personal presents, we have another suggestion for you. The gift of career growth. If you have someone around you who wants to develop not only personally, but also professionally, why not to give them a Femme Palette voucher for either the mentoring or the leadership program? Mentoring has changed the life of many, from getting a new job and boosting confidence, to switching careers and meeting influential people. Whether you choose a mentor, a coach, or a therapist, having someone to help you navigate through the unexpected challenges of life can be a Christmas gift that will be remembered forever. Crucially, Christmas is about having fun! And who doesn’t love playing games? If you are looking for a gift that also adds value, check out the game DIVE-IN created by BE-ID Human. It is up to you whether you challenge your colleagues, friends, or family to a game, the aim is to support greater diversity and educate about inclusion. DIVE-IN is the perfect gift for your boss, your children’s teachers, or your partner. And with the code IDHROU you will get 15% off! The greatest gift you can give is to make memories together. But that won’t be viable this year. And so, giving experiences to your beloved ones might be a great way to compensate for the lack of physical closeness. From insightful conversations to meaningful games, this Christmas will be about so much more than just giving presents and eating big meals. It will be about showing that you care even if you are not around. And that goes back to the beginning, that if Xmas was only about one thing, then it would surely be LOVE.


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