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I guess I’m a published author now. But more than a writer, I think of myself as a creator because The (R)evolution of Love has just 100 pages and you can read it in a blink of an eye. But more than the reading, it focuses on the journey it takes the reader on through the interactive elements. It was a great honour for me to celebrate the birth of this creation with you!

When I reflect back on the launch, it all seems a bit blurry. Perhaps, if you have the experience of getting married, it is very similar. You spend some time planning and once it takes place, you are constantly engaged with something that you almost forget to enjoy it.

Hence, the crucial part of my launch was to have a meditation, many of which dreaded at first, to help not only me, but also the participants, calm down and connect more with oneself. The meditation was the key element of the launch. Not the cork popping, not the raffle, the ritual! And I was beyond grateful that my years-long teacher and yoga guru Nikol led it.

I have said it a thousand times on my social media, but I believe it deserves one last mention - this launch and the book itself wouldn’t have happened without your support. Each one of you has given me hope that the goal I set my mind on is possible, in fact doable. Not a single person said to me - don’t be silly, you can’t do it. All of you applauded and cheered me on, which enabled the birth of my book. So one last huge thank you!

Huge thanks goes also to Anetka from @knota_macrame, Terezka from @futuresailors_cukrarna, and Katerina from @sumavskasklenenka for providing prices to our raffle. I loved the competitive spirit and enthusiasm that suddenly rose through the room when we were drawing the prizes. It was amazing!

The venue was also crucial for the launch. Quite frankly, I didn’t spend a big deal of time planning the event - and that was also possible thanks to the wonderful owner of the art cafe Prostor Klara. She helped me arrange everything and had the no-problem approach, which is particularly rare in the Czech Republic. And once I had the venue, it was all straight forward. Ask Nikol about the ritual, get some goodies for the raffle and a creative corner, pick the drinks & foods. DONE!

Never before have I had all my friends, family, and colleagues in one place. And now, here they were getting along just fine. It was wonderful to watch and even more so, to be a part of that. Luckily, a great photographer Dominik managed to capture those incredible moments through his snaps, so I can now share them with all of you. Dominik is a true professional and I couldn’t have hoped for a better photographer to share the special day with all of us. Okay, one more thank you!

And that’s it. I could go on forever, thanking everyone one by one, but you know who you are (besides, I dropped a few names in the book, so have a look). Brno, my base, my birth town, you have lifted me up and showed that no other city stands up to your charms. Thank you for reminding me that home is where the heart it and my heart now lies here. CHEERS!

With Love,



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