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Who am I? Gabrielle Ditt

Ever wondered what my story is? Whether we have met many years ago or never before, you might find interesting insights from the life of a Czech expat living in the UK, a co-founder of a feminist magazine, and an author of an interactive book. Listen to my story and let me know yours!

Support my conscious decision and help me publish my book The (R)evolution of Love. Share the crowdfund or donate whatever you can to my personal bank account here. As a thank you, you receive a gift and a mention in the book. Thanks!


My work is my life philosophy. Now I know it but it wasn't always that way. Without the people around me, I'd never found the answers I'd been searching for throughout my life. Thanks to them I love my life and try to live it to the fullest today!

I started as a 17yr old teenager living in the UK. I chose a path that seemed attractive but I know nothing about. I learnt the language, the culture, the vice and stayed in England for a total of seven years.

Having come back to the Czech republic (unwillingly), I was intending on moving to Berlin but destiny wanted it otherwise. And so I stayed in Czechia and found love - in the form of a book as well as a man. I left a start-up that payed me twice as much as what I'm earning now and decided to follow my inner voice again - intuitively. That's how I met some inspiring women, such as Katerina Vackova, and helped me find ways to acknowledge and realise my potential.

It's now been over 1,5 years since I've been back home and, for the first time in my life, I'm in a place that makes total sense to me. My work is my mission - to seek and find your own path in life. I utilise my skills (chatty & bubbly personality) to help others find what their strengths are and develop them. And simultaneously, never let go of your dreams.

As a little girl, I wanted to study journalism (alongside wanting to be a florist and a flight attendant) but with the move, I had to let go of this dream of mine. However, it soon came back to me. I became the editor-in-chief of a feminist magazine I co-founded Vagina-nomics, started copywriting for various platforms, and created my book, The (R)evolution of Love.

You can find my work on the Femme Palette, Slow Femme, The Freelancer Club, and Positive News. Each article taught me something about myself, so I was able to find me safe space and comfortably settle in this small nest on a tree called life. And damn does it feel good here!

None of this could ever happen without the never-ending love from my friends and family. They were the ones who encouraged me to keep moving forward, who supported me with the craziest ideas I sometimes had, and foremost, who loved me regardless of where I was or what I was doing in that very instant.

And now, I want to pass this on to you. Identify your vision, create your safety net, and follow-through. And if you ever want to talk and have another opinion on your mission, I am here for you. Many thanks and speak to you soon?


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