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Inspired through women

I am extremely lucky to have two incredibly inspiring people in my life (there are more, but these two I want to thank today). They both happen to be based in Prague, they both identify as women. Coincidence? Don’t think so. And although I only see them rarely, they have shaped who I am today. And I owe them a massive thank you!

One of them is my boss. She is the embodiment of inspiration, the person I thought only exists on the pages of Forbes magazine. But she is real and a crucial part of my life. After I returned to the Czech republic (OMG, it’s been a year already!), she took me under her wings and showed me how to fly. I have been grateful to her ever since. She taught me that anything is possible if you try and dream hard enough.

Katerina Vackova is a successful entrepreneur, a proud female founder, an incredibly talented networker and a go-getter. But above all, she is a wonderful human being. Katerina has been supporting me since day 1. She has been cheering for my magazine (Vagina-nomics) and was the first person whom I told that I am writing a book. And she has been incredibly generous in introducing me to wonderful people and helping me move forward with my project.

Yes, she is also my boss, but most importantly she is my inspiration, my guiding light, my smile, my motivation. For her, nothing is impossible, nothing is a problem. Everything can be solved, everything will come and go. Let’s go and do it - with a smile on your face and a fierce look in the eye. Thank you, Katerina, for showing me that life is great, that I can be anything I want it to be, that if I have a goal, I should do anything I can to reach it!

Thank you, Katerina, for showing me that life is great, that I can be anything I want to be.

The second incredible person who has been connected with me on a spiritual level is Natasa. Naty is a miracle. She is a phantom who appeared in my life seven years ago. Back then, I was a selfish and competitive girl who just started living her 'dream'. I wasn’t showing any weaknesses, I wasn’t vulnerable, I always knew what I wanted and would do anything to achieve it. I didn’t look left or right, had little respect for life. And yet, when I met Naty, I could feel something changed within me. I used to be a very self-absorbed person, but when I was with her, I was different. I felt grounded, calm and creative. I didn’t know what it was back then, but I knew that she came to my life for a reason. And she was here to stay!

Fast-tracking forward, our lives went separate ways, so we could reunite again in the future. When Naty went to Prague, I went to Bath. And then our paths crossed again in London. We were both very different people and yet it we were the same. It’s because every moment we spend together, we are exactly who we were born to be. No pretending, no prejudice, just us. Naty, without knowing, taught me how to cut the crap and just be myself. Through her presence, through her loving look, that went straight to your heart, through her kind words and purest mind, only through being around she impacted the way I act and treat my environment. And even now, when she is far away, she is still in my mind. Always.

We have recently met, after many long months, and it felt like nothing’s changed. A lot is new in our lives, you could say they turned upside down, and yet, when we are together, we are still the same old us. Honest, pure and vulnerable.

No pretending, no prejudice. Naty taught me how to cut the crap and just be myself.

Naty has taught me how to be kind and loving. She showed me a way and now, that I am becoming more conscious and aware of my choices, I can appreciate her unique nature evermore. Katerina has taught me how to be confident, kind and courageous. She shaped me as a professional, Naty shaped me as a person. They are both crucial elements of my life, they impact massively who I am and how I act. And damn I’m grateful to them both!

Katy and Naty are my inspiration, my mentors, my guiding lights. They are miracles, shine a light in my life. They make me calm, they make me strong. And I hope to do the same for them.

Who do you have in your life that has a similar impact on you? Who has shaped who you are and you couldn’t co-exist without? Write it down and say thanks to them and to yourself. Gratitude is the greatest gift we can give. Share it!


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