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Coaching: My Emotional & Learning Journey

OK. So my coach training is coming to an end. And I feel… more nervous than when I started. It has been impacted by a number of things - first of, I had a stable job, when I started. I was talking to people every day. I knew very well what I was doing. Now? I have none of that. And yet, something inside me is telling me that I am on the right path. That all these turbulences will once settle. Besides - I wouldn’t have it any other way. But let’s not get ahead of myself.

So, why did I embark on this coaching journey - first time as a coach and not a coachee? I have been fascinated by this profession since I met my first coach, Sona (, who helped me complete my book. I have then come across multiple coached who have demonstrated a spectrum of qualities and virtues any coach can possess. Actually, any human can too.

I soon realised, that what I have to learn is not on the paper, nor the screen, but within.

And as I was learning more and more about the coaching profession when simultaneously talking to people every day about their ambitions and goals, the step to commence a training to become an accredited coach came natural to me.

At first, I thought I would be given a set of instructions, learn the best practices and set off. Well, it was nothing like that. When I first came across the founder of the Full Circle Global, I knew we had a lot in common. And when she published a book which carries a similar message to mine, I knew I made the right decision. However, we were not trained by the founder, Gillian, but her lovely colleague Naomi. My heart exploded once I got to know our trainer a little more - nature lover, living abroad, and building a happy family. I couldn’t help but see a bit of myself in her.

Naomi was a lovely trainer, but I soon realised, that what I have to learn is not on the paper, nor on the screen, but within. I was eager at first to read all the manuals, follow the scripts, only to find out that the most important thing that matters is to trust my instincts. Ouch!

Having gone through the coaching core competencies, I realised, that they are just like good manners - I want to believe everybody has them within, but only a few truly demonstrate them daily. For me, coaching is the same - you learn how to put your ego aside. How to be fully present and listen to whatever is being said - non and verbally. You support somebody in their development, guide them through their thoughts but overcome the temptation to give advice. That’s the beauty of coaching.

Can I do it? I think so. Do I get it wrong? Surely. Will I continue improving? You bet!

What I find most challenging now is time - I wish I could dedicate all my time to coaching, but with a new business venture taking place, I must wait until I complete my co-working/creative space and then, I can dive right in. I have already been working with three wonderful clients, to whom I couldn’t be more grateful for letting me guide them through their train of thoughts.

The most important thing that matters [in coaching] is to trust your instincts.

I am still at a very early stage of my journey, but I know already that none of this time was wasted. I no longer posses the sasme passion I had when I started, but that is because I have been focusing my energy elsewhere. Once that project is off the ground, I will come back to coaching, and it will be grand! The best time is yet to come.

I would love to thank everyone who accompanied me on this journey; starting with our wonderful trainer Naomi, the 20 incredible human beings who were a part of the course, my ex-employers who showed me what personal development is, and of course my partner who, as always, encouraged me to develop this crazy idea of mine. Thank you all.

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My Affirmation:

I am Gaby and it's July 2023. I have had an amazing year as I started running a creative community space. I am now coaching five people and supporting them on their journey of building a purposeful project. I am happy.


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