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Becoming zero-waste

I’ve gone zero waste! Well, not really. No one ever does (and if, that’s a hell lot of sacrifice). But I’m trying to reduce my waste. A lot! And it’s not just about the rubbish I place in my bin, it’s about everything I consume. Here are my three easy tips on how to reduce your waste.

1. Walk: yes, public transport is great, bike doubles up as an exercise and car saves a lot of time. But walking allows you to slow down, to pay attention to the things around you and to reflect on where your life is at at the moment. Walking is when I get my best ideas, get some fresh air and clear my mind. Zero-waste is about de-cluttering not only the physical but also the emotional space in and around us.

2. Be prepared: however annoying this might be, make it a habit to always carry a reusable bag, cup and Tupperware with you. Especially in the big cities, we got used to having everything ‘to go’ and so if you don’t make the time to prep your food at home, make the effort to eat it seated and try to avoid disposable packaging.

3. Buy bulk: if you don’t have a bulk shop nearby, try to buy in the largest packs possible. Sometimes you think that paper pack is better than plastic, well neither is ideal as the paper will likely have a finish which will make it non-recyclable too. If you live with others, shop together. If you live on your own, try to plan ahead and save time and money on your shopping!

There is about a thousand things you can do to reduce your waste. From thrift shopping to using a menstrual cup (first-hand), there are tons of ways you can try out. Every two weeks, I’ll give you a tip on an easy swap to hopefully inspire you to cut down your waste.

My reading list is full of young bloggers who have become loyal followers of the low-waste movement. Yes, I’ve joined them, not because it’s trendy but because I want to make a contribution to living in a better place. That’s another thing, make sure you have a strong motivation before you start because:

  • it’s gonna get tough

  • you gonna fail a few times

  • people will look at you weirdly

But that’s okay. As long as your intention is clear, you will not yield to the pressure. And if gets too hard, just message me. Zero waste is a learning curve and taking a small step in the right direction can go along way. Regardless of how many or few changes you make, every little counts and doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Don’t be afraid of change, if nothing else, you might have a laugh when you hand over a maison jar to the barista in your local coffee shop. And who knows, you’ve might have just converted another zero-waster. Make it fun, make it enjoyable and just give it a go!

All photo credit: Dominik Michálek (Instagram)


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