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One rule to zero waste

If you are considering to slowly transition to a zero waste lifestyle, there is one piece of advice you must know. Always BE PREPARED. 

Becoming zero waste is tricky and lengthy. You need patience and kindness. Be gentle to yourself whilst trying to reduce your waste and celebrate small achievements. Don’t think that you’ll ever produce no waste. That doesn’t happen (watch a dull documentary ‘No Impact Man’ if you wanna learn more). Reward yourself for every milestone you meet and be prepared that this journey might take the rest of your life. 

Your best friends will be reusable straw, cotton pads, menstrual cup and coconut oil. In terms of boxes, you can upcycle anything you already have.

When I first started experimenting with this lifestyle, I put a cotton bag into every backpack and handbag I owned. Then I received a reusable bottle (as a gift) and a travel mug (at a university fair). Today, I feel like almost everybody has these three items and that’s great! However, if you want to take this adventure a little further, you can do a little more. It all starts with the same: always BE PREPARED. 

Zero waste isn’t easy. Especially in the rushed era we live in. And so, if you are not ready to start prepping your food and never buy a single thing again, start with realisation. This means to purchase fewlet items that will take you from morning to evening, from summer to winter, from home to work. Your best friends will be a reusable straw, cotton pads, menstrual cup and coconut oil. In terms of boxes, you can upcycle anything you already have. Prepare a little starter pack for yourself by examining your waste and thinking of what you could replace. Get used to always carrying these a couple things with you and watch your trash slowly disappear. 

Although your bag might get heavier, your cosmetic bag is likely to lose some weight. This is because a likely consequence of zero waste to become a minimalist. Because you will start thinking twice about what you buy and rethinking the purpose of the items you already own. In many cases, you’ll likely conclude, that not everything you have is useful and start using them up without restocking them. But that might just be me... 

Thinking about zero waste will certainly change you. You will be more conscious of your consumption choices, from food and clothes to beauty and relationships. And even if you’ll always have to carry an extra-large bag to fit in all your additional supplies, you’ll feel good about yourself and the fact that you carry a few extra grams will soon not matter. 

Good luck with your adventure and if you have any thoughts, tips or ideas, please, drop me a line. Thanks and big love!  


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