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Support Your Locals

I don’t often talk about sex. At least not on my blog. But I do love to chat about sex with people I know. It is thrilling to learn about different perspectives and broaden my view on such a common activity like sex. I love it and I don’t talk about sex to prove anything to anyone. Instead, I try to understand other people’s experiences to be able to elevate mine.

Over the past ten years, I saw various attitudes towards sex. Most of them, unfortunately, were driven by a male perspective and focus on the same goal - man’s orgasm. With more experience and education in the area, I learnt that having intercourse shouldn’t be (at all) about the climax, but also about the experience. It took me some time to realise and get comfortable in saying what my preferences are to my partner. Once I overcame that fear, my sex life was transformed.

When explaining my attitude towards sex, I often use tantra to demonstrate. I enjoy more the duration that the end-result of having sex (however you might define it). I aim to establish a strong connection between either my partner and me or my body and mind. Once that’s accomplished, I can yield to emotions. The most important element in sex is trust. One has to have complete faith in their partner and know well their as well as one’s own body. Only when I accepted my own body, was I able to have a new, more sensual and deeper experience of sex.

Endless manuals have been written about tantric sex. Start in the corner, fully clothed, looking into each others’ eyes. Begin naked, synching your breaths, avoiding the intercourse completely. Whist these guidelines might be helpful for some, I chose to create my own. I focus on bonding with my partner, and attempting to live through every touch, movement and look we shared. 

The overall experience is indescribable. Only when I am fully present in the moment and comfortable in my body, do I encounter something extremely sensual. I wish everyone could experience the same. It can be life-changing but it needs time, sincere openness and trust. 

It took me a decade to get to where I am now. It might take another one for my views to alternate. But now, I am satisfied with the way it is. Never did I open up to someone in a way I do now. Without hurting anyone’s ego, it was all my credit though. I learnt to accept and adore my body and stopped trying to be someone else. Satisfied, confident and ready to be real. 

I listen to the signals of my body and use it to my advantage. Tantric sex is one option to enjoy sex more, but there are other ways to do that too. Paying attention to your body might not only transform your sex but also your love life. It sounds dangerous, but it is worth a try. Listen to your body and next time you get naked, touch it with love and adornment you reserve for others. Now it the time to finally think about, talk about and get crazy about having sex

" Invest the time you save through remote work into researching your local businesses and finding ways to support them. "

Though I was never much of a cook, Nasyp Si inspires me to experiment in the kitchen, try unusual ingredients and learn new (vegan!) recipes. Besides grains, cereals and legumes, the zero-waste shop also has sweets and lifestyle supplies. Nasyp Si also plays a key role in my transformation towards more sustainable living.

The second extremely popular place I try to go to every Sunday is the Pfereronka Yoga Centrum. This yoga studio had an incredible energy and the owner, Nikol, has an inspiring and magnificent nature. She puts her heart and soul into what she does and is a representation of what yoga means to me. It is a lifestyle that allows anyone to slow down and think about his/her/their mind, body and soul. Nikol’s classes are full of kindness, love and spiritual resilience. I love her studio where I feel like time stops and everything just flows.

The third place which puts a smile on my face is a flower shop. You probably know that I’m obsessed with nature, plants and flowers, but finding a friendly and familiar florist isn’t always easy. Michal Hrusecky is just that! The shop De Fleurs is filled not only with colours, scents and decorations, but also with coffee and cakes, because it combines a flower shop with a cafe. What a blast in the heart of Brno! And during quarantine, Michal does home delivery, so you can still brighten your day or surprise someone you cannot visit now with a bouquet.

" Support fearless and brave entrepreneurs who follow their passion in your neighbourhood. "

And that’s a wrap! These are my top three favourite places in Brno, maybe even in the Czech Republic. Every time I enter their store, I feel happy, energised and good about spending my money. This is the way in which I choose to support the fearless and brave entrepreneurs who follow their passion in my neighbourhood. I couldn’t be more grateful for having these businesses nearby and am eager to show that I love and care about them in any way I can. Please, do the same and show some love to your local shops!

They ways in which you can support small businesses are endless. You can send them a note / question / message, place an order online or share their profile on social media with a line or two on why you love them and believe that others should support them, too. A small gesture can make a huge difference and that is crucial especially now, in these challenging times.

Making a change starts with an individual, I mean YOU. Let’s be kind, generous and support our locals!


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