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An Unexpected Easter Surprise

Easter is the time of giving and sharing. At least, that's how I understand it. And as my dear aunt, a regular church-goer, confirms, love it the most important virtue of Bible and in life. This Easter, I experienced an overload of love and I pray for you to enjoy the same.

I often document my emotions through writing (in case you didn’t notice). Recently, I shared my downs of failing to meet my professional expectations. Today, I share my highs in the form of personal successes and opening up to the unknown. This Easter was the first time I stepped outside my comfort zone and some wonderful magic happened.

I have undergone a sudden transformation (okay, maybe not as sudden but certainly unexpected) and spent two days away from the civilisation, with my phone switched off, in a company of one person, not related to me in any way. This was the first time I went on a venture - not alone, not with my family (including my best friends), but with a man.

"There were no butterflies, no legs like jelly. Just endless moments of pure happiness, sincere laughter and incredible joy."

Lately, I had been going through a pretty rough time. I experienced an emotional rollercoaster with high level of stress, worries and anxiety. My brain was telling me I needed a break, and so when I received an invitation for a two-day getaway, I jumped at the opportunity and said YES!

We spent two days in the middle of nowhere, sleeping in a car. So not me, right? And yet, I never felt more like myself before. Without sounding like a total cliche, these two days helped me rediscover who I am and realise that if I feel comfortable, I project it onto others and incredible things can happen.

For the first time in a long while, I experienced something I call… (drumroll, please) … LOVE. I believe love can have any shape or form and so when I say I love my best friend or I love my family, I mean it. But I never fell in love with a man before. Not until now. I thought I did when I was writing about love, but I was wrong. Trying to fit into a certain box or meet some social expectations is simply wrong! Being yourself and feeling good with your companion is what I call love. And this Easter, I was blessed enough to experience it.

"Being yourself and feeling good with your companion is what I call love."

There were no butterflies, no legs like jelly. Just endless moments of pure happiness, sincere laughter and incredible joy. I don’t think I ever laughed so much, my stomach was actually aching. Also, I doubt I ever managed to get through 48hours straight with someone, without turning it into a total nightmare (tolerance, empathy - where are you?) But this time it was different. I was different. No arguments, no pressure, no drama. Quite the contrary; I was loving every single second of it and this trip left me longing for more…

I don’t know if it’s the magic of Easter (four days off, oh yeah!) or the fact that I finally stopped caring about what others will make of me and started focusing on myself. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. Plus, being with a person you can trust also helps. For the first time in my life, I experienced love that differs from the one between a mother and a child, or self-love. I’ve always struggled to love others, but I feel that this is changing now.

Without thinking, I set off on a venture, with a stranger, for two days, whilst the country was being locked down. What happened was a miracle. My body was fully immersed in the present moment, my mind was free and my spirit lifted. I wish you to have the same amount of luck I had in the past few days. May your Easter be filled with honest joy, love and laughter.

Image courtesy: due to me being offline during this trip.


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