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Getting Creatively Un-Stuck

Sometimes I find myself stuck. Everything is going well, nothing is necessarily wrong, yet I can’t ignore the sense of feeling incomplete, uninspired and stuck. Then starts the scrolling of the always-so-positive Instagram, soundtrack of nostalgic songs and the reappearing question of – what am I doing?

Summer has been long and hot. Many holidays, many acquaintances, many late nights and too little time for anything. Always rushing, laughing, smiling, enjoying life to the fullest. And then, suddenly, it all stopped. Summer is nearly over, work keeps rolling and first thoughts of university are creeping in. This is the time when you should ‘get your shit together’ and get on with life. Easier said than done. We are constantly keeping ourselves occupied – by work, by friends and family, by adventures. But once it all stops, what is there left to do? What happens when you have it all? You search for more.

In moments like these, that is when I decide to travel (okay, usually takes a bit more planning and is much less spontaneous, but you get the message). Travelling takes me on to a journey, literally as well hypothetically – the mind is freed and creativity kicks in! For me, travelling is not about taking cute pictures or ticking off a bucket list, it is about changing my mindset and opening up my heart to new cultures, experiences and people. Traveling gives me a chance to explore my inner self and learn new things. It brings out a new version of myself and allows me to see things differently, more creatively.

Going away clears your mind. Where and how you decide to go, that is another thing. It can be a quick one day getaway with a train, a weekend holiday somewhere new, a week-long road trip around the country, or anything else. Going alone is a challenge. Coming with a friend can also be tricky. With family, you always know what to expect (one argument, one drunken night, one shopping spree, etc.) but it is up to you to decide how many people (if any) you want to bring along. For me, it is the rare moments when I found myself alone, that my head starts spinning and ideas start popping in. That is when your creativity levels rise back up! And then, you must quickly grab a phone and start typing notes or short texts that spring into your mind, to feature the moment and the ideas that ain’t last! These thoughts usually occur just before I go to sleep or whilst travelling somewhere, and I know that if I don’t note them down, they will soon be gone.

I encourage you to always have your phone or pen and paper ready when on holidays, so you can capture these beautiful thoughts, ideas and moments to use them when you are back in the reality. They ain’t last forever and only through noting them down, you will make them eternal. That’s how you get your creativity back. What is the last time you wrote a note to yourself?


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