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How to be (secretly) open to opportunities

As published on the Femme Palette blog.

So you want a new job, but you already have one. Oh, that’s tricky. But the good news is, that there are ways how you can let recruiters know you are available for work without losing your current position. So how can you start looking for new opportunities without burning bridges? You have to be smart and strategic. Here is how it’s done.

1. Grow your network

If you want to switch work, you have to start looking first. And once you found THE job, don’t just jump right in it but try to be wise. Think about ways how you could develop a connection with those decision-makers who decide whether you are a good fit for their company or not. This can be anyone from a potential team-lead to a fellow colleague or a professional recruiter.

Thanks to LinkedIn, you can connect to almost anyone. But you only get one chance to make a powerful introduction, so use it wisely (yes, again!). Rather than discussing the vacancies right away, show a sincere interest in the person’s work. Maybe you can ask to schedule an online coffee with them to get a feeling of their work and the company culture.

TIP: When connecting on LinkedIn, make the most of the personalized invite and add a specific reason why you want to connect with them. Read more about networking on LinkedIn here.

2. Build strong relationships

Yes, it would save you a lot of time and energy getting straight to the point, but the success rate would be low. If you want to make sure that the recruiters or prospective employers will listen to you, avoid cutting corners and focus on developing a long-term relationship with them before you ask for any favors. And once you do, be prepared to offer something in return.

Simultaneously, use who you already have in your network, friends or colleagues, and schedule a chat with them. During that, you can find out more about their role and see if they could possibly share some opportunities with you or introduce you to some other relevant people.

3. Register your interest

If you want to show you are open to opportunities, you can change your status on LinkedIn. Here you can select visibility only for recruiters, so your employer won’t have a clue you are thinking of leaving. Having said that, sometimes honesty can go a long way. And so, if you are genuine with your boss, s/he might even be able to introduce you to prospective clients or a new employer.

You don’t have to spend hours job-hunting, instead, let others do the work for you. Femme Palette has introduced a new initiative that allows you to register your interest and recruiters will reach out to you if they have a position available. If you are open to opportunities, sign up here.

4. Get a mentor to help you

Whether there is an exciting opportunity in the market which you don’t want to miss out on or you are ready to elevate your career, finding a new job or switching career is not an easy task. It goes without saying that having someone to share their experience with whilst navigating this change can save a lot of time and money. Besides, getting a mentor is as easy as 1-2-3.

If you cannot wait to get hired, take some (or all) of these steps today. And if you need an extra career boost, check out the Femme Palette Job Guide. Who knows, maybe the next big opportunity is waiting just around the corner, you just haven’t seen it yet because you have been spending too much in your home office. Now is the time for a change.


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