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I Love You... (just say it!)

Three words. One sentence. Can't get much simpler. Yet, when it comes to using it, some tend to overdo it whilst others don’t say it enough. Is there a way to find the perfect balance or do we just need to keep on searching?

‘Mam te rada’. Does not look that difficult but heck it’s hard to get it off your lips. A simple phrase which has the power to change the world. Or the mood, at least. You can never go wrong with saying ‘I love you’, yet I tend to use it far more often in relation to food and clothes than to people. But human beings are the ones who deserve to hear it the most. And always!

I have been brought up in a household where sharing emotions was more physical than verbal. We hugged, we held our hands but we never used to word ‘love’. Additionally, the Czech language has two options to describe such feeling, it is either the verb ‘like’ or ‘love’. The linguistic difference is that love is rare (for me, this is pure fact) whilst liking comes regularly. So, I grew up thinking that one is not supposed to say but to show love. This is not necessarily wrong but there is no reason why we should shy away from words, too.

I grew up thinking that one is not supposed to say but to show love.

I am not aiming to push anyone to do what feels uncomfortable to them. But I do wish to inspire those who feel passionately about someone to try and find the words to describe their feelings. When I told my dad I liked him for the first time, it felt strange. Only after multiple repetitions, I found some comfort in saying ‘I love you’ to my best friend, my chosen family. Now it is time to start saying it to the others who deserve it equally as much - my friends!

There are only a few people I truly love. Some of them I see regularly, others I rarely speak to. In either case, I must ensure that they know how I feel about them as there is nothing more beautiful than being loved. I have been blessed to receive plenty of love in my childhood but as I grew older, I stopped hearing the words regularly. More importantly, I became unfamiliar with receiving any signs of affection at all (it got to the stage that even during, sex I felt disconnected from the person making love to me). Now is the time to make a change; to experience feelings deeply, truly and VOCALLY.

Now is the time to experience feelings deeply, truly and VOCALLY.

I set myself on a mission to start saying more often what I really feel (starting with the good and moving onto the less good hopefully soon). I want to encourage others to do the same and say ‘I love you’ when you truly feel it. Without sounding sobby, let’s start sharing love among ourselves. And maybe, others will take note.


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