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My way of meditating (and why you should try it)

That time when you cut off everything that’s going on around you. No distractions, no responsibilities, no pressure. Just you in the company of your own thoughts. That’s what I call meditation and it feels great...

We all have our own form of meditation. Some might experience it just before they go to bed, some whilst hiking, some might reflect at a church or elsewhere. It usually happens when you are alone; ideas start popping in, a storm of thoughts occurs and everything from your head to toe eases. This fantastic sensation that floods your mind, body and soul is what meditation means...

For me, it’s a climax of my regular yoga practice. For others, it might be a moment when they switch off from work and focus solely on themselves. A friend of mine relaxes in a sauna, another one whilst climbing on top of a mountain, I relax in Shavasana, my dad whilst he’s cooking. Meditation can have any shape or form. The important part is the state of mind. Not where, how or when, but what happens to your mind, body and soul.

Ideas start popping in, a storm of thoughts occurs and everything from your head to toe eases.

I used to think that everybody meditates, from oming in a cross-legged seat to lying flat on the back, deep in thought. But the more I spoke with others and read ‘motivational’ articles, the more I realised that meditation is not a natural part of our everyday life. In fact, quite the contrary. It seems that very few people take the time to think and reflect on their lives. Pity!

Being at the start of my career, reflecting on my life situation became a daily activity. Why I made the choices I did, where do I want to be and which steps have I taken to get me closer to my dream? What is the definition of my dreams anyhow? I ask myself these questions almost daily. And there's always more to ask.

What do YOU ask yourself? What happens when you are left in silence, all by yourself? No phones, no sounds, no temptations. Just you and your mind. Does your head start spinning? Do you feel anxious? Have you ever experienced loneliness like this before?

My position is not to judge. More to inspire you to make time for yourself and find one activity that allows your mind to relax and gently encourages you to reflect. I urge you to find one activity that relaxes you. Trust me, you’ll be surprised by what your mind is capable of. Once you try it, you keep coming back for more. Because meditation is great and it lets your mind, body and soul run completely free. And who would say no to freedom in today's rushed and hectic age?


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