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My personal experience with coaching

Exactly a year ago, I tried coaching. I didn’t quite know what to expect but felt I needed to find a sense of clarity in my professional life (urgently!). And that’s why I decided to give it a go. Not only has coaching helped me set my priorities straight, but thanks to my lovely coach Sona, I had also been able to start working on my book and get more creative. Now that I took a break, I am yearning more than ever for some support. And that’s when Sona’s vouchers come in handy. You can either reward yourself or give them to someone you know is struggling to find their bearings.

Coaching had long been a foreign word to me. Up until last year when I even considered a career as a coach myself (fortunately, I found other ways of self-expression as there are far too many ‘ready-made coaches’ whose quality is appalling). I was lucky to have found my coach via Facebook group (Podle Sebe) where Sona was posting about her practice.

I reach out to her and arrange an introductory session (back in the day when it was still possible face-to-face).

I felt energized and full of new ideas after the first meeting and decided to continue. Later, when we discussed with the coach what work projects to take on, how to allocate my time and energy as well as to understand my creative flows, I knew I made the right choice.

Thanks to our conversations with my coach Sona, I created space in my life to explore my inner self & start my own creative project.

Having had a coach affected my life in multiple ways. It has shown me how to develop as a professional, always seeking joy and fulfilment at work. My coach has encouraged me to start a personal project, an interactive book dedicated to self-love.

During coaching, I have also found love, which seems no coincidence to me. Thanks to our conversations with my coach Sona, I created space in my life to explore my inner self. Sona, for that matter, is so much more than a coach. She is a great poet, a fantastic mother, and above all (!!!),

a wonderful human being. And that is especially today extremely rare!

I am beyond grateful to have been able to work with Sona for the past year and couldn’t recommend her enough. So whether you are looking for someone to help you turn your new year’s resolutions into reality or know a person struggling to find clarity in life, try giving them Sona’s coaching vouchers. I can honestly say that coaching with her has shifted my career direction and helped me find myself. And now, I am working with Femme Palette on starting a new coaching program connected to their mentoring experience.

Even if you find out that coaching is not for you, at least you dedicate an hour of your time to your personal growth and development. And that couldn’t possibly cause any harm, so why not giving coaching a try?


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