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We are all minorities

I got involved in an interesting conversation recently. We spoke about minorities. Until that point, I understood minorities as people of colour. After that, I learnt that minority can be defined by a religion, a political view but maybe just by our own set of values and convictions. A minority can be anything. Suddenly, it hit me. Everyone is a minority!

We are all different, yet we constantly try to find people like us. To relate to, to learn from, to try and help us navigate through life. But we are alone. Alone in the set of values, we embody, alone in the mission we strive to complete, alone on a journey to a happy life. Sadness. Happiness. They are all part of who we are, yet we expect someone to be there for us. To tell us everything is gonna be okay, I’m here for you. But is that really so?

Having gone through life, I get lost. Multiple times. And every time I see another path, I choose to follow it. But where does it lead to? No one knows. Instead, we are all getting lost and found together. Again and again. Where does it leave us? Lost. Is that a bad thing? I wouldn’t say so.

My point is, we are all special and instead of trying to fit into this or that box, we should all celebrate our own individuality. Instead of finding what we have in common with others, can we acknowledge and be proud of our differences? Wouldn’t it be easier to find new friends then? Someone to broaden our horizons, to open our eyes, to challenge us to think in another way.

Making friends who don’t look or think or laugh like us is hard, but I’m damn tempted to try.


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