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What do you do?

A question I don’t get asked often anymore. Since the beginning of quarantine, any professional contact I have goes via LinkedIn, and there, the answer is pretty clear. But to those who don’t know me, or more likely know me as a friend, I sometimes don’t know how to answer. Hence I wrote this piece to help clarify what is it I do. And if you want to collaborate, get in touch!

My job description is similar to many digital nomads - it is a forward slash after a forward slash after a forward slash. I guess the most key part is a content creator - that is what I do primarily for a living now. I write blog posts (for Femme Palette, the Freelancer Club, and #lessbutluxe), and create social media content for a bulk store in Brno called Nasyp si. That is one forward slash.

Then I am also the mentoring coordinator. What this fancy role translates as is communication with all the mentees that are part of the Femme Palette mentoring scheme. Here, my primary role is to onboard them. The new applicants schedule an interview with me and I question them on why they decided to join and whether they are a good fit for the program. If they are accepted, then I deal with the following documentation, answer any questions, and ensure that the mentor we chose for them is a great fit.

Finally, I also work on my side project. That is my book. My book is something that was born out of passion last Spring and was inspired by the mess in my head after I moved back to Brno after having lived in the UK for seven years. Whilst I was abroad, I experienced countless incredible things, but the most significant one was falling in love. I met someone who completely changed my life and though I still love them very much, I had to break free, so I could fly again. But it wasn’t always so straight forward.

I started writing as my attempt to deal with all those overwhelming emotions that were flooding my system. Also, because I studied editorial design, I wanted to keep my skills alive and create something tangible. That is how the idea of a book came about. I started writing every morning, and after a month, I had enough material to start putting it together. But instead of writing a novel, I decided to create a self-help guide that will inspire the reader to use writing as a way to deal with their challenges. And since this year I fell in love again, and the book is very much influenced by my personal experience, I called it The (R)evolution of Love.

There are countless other things on the list, I would like to do but don’t have the capacity for. But as you can read in the Essentialism, it is about ‘making the wisest possible investment of your time and energy’. That is why I decided to quit in Loono, although I love working there and the founder has majorly impacted my life. That is also why I’m constantly learning to say no. So I can focus on the things that add value to my life and help me grow. Not easy, but hey, that’s life.

Looking back, this year has been a roller-coaster. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am grateful for every single experience I made and every person I met this year. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Without this, I could not be following my dreams. And that is exactly what I’m doing now. So next time you ask me what I do here is your answer.


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