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What freelancing means to me

Freelancing means to be able to sit still in the middle of the day and watch the time go by. 

Freelancing is the freedom to do the things you love to the extent you allow yourself to. 

Freelancing is a choice, to be yourself, to embody the set of values you believe in. 

Freelancing gives you space and time which you wouldn’t otherwise have. Sometimes it’s bloody hard to come around, but once you stop and stay still, that’s when the magic happens. Especially if you work creatively (which you would in almost any case. It’s not just about drawing pretty pictures, working with people also requires creativity - tons of it!). 

This piece of writing is born whilst I’m sitting in a cafe, watching the beauty of a rushing city passing by. It is a great source of inspiration and although life can be hectic at times, now I feel calm and at peace. 

The sun is shining, the river is glittering and all there is here and now. Life can be put on hold for a second, so I can catch my breath and be grateful for what I have. 

"My mission is to inspire people to make them aware and considerate of their choices."

I don’t earn much, but I can look myself in the eye and say I do my best. I don’t care if I end up with a dollar or a thousand at the end of the month. What matters is that I am consistently progressing on my journey towards achieving fulfillment. 

My mission is to inspire people to make them aware and considerate of their choices. To think about their decisions and do only the things that make sense to them. From their job to their consumption, everything is a choice. And we only have a given period of time for this life, so it’s in our interest to live it to the fullest. 

What is it worth to have millions if you never get to enjoy what the money can buy you? Why have a luxurious house if you feel like a guest in it? Why buy your children castles if you never get to spend any time with them?

Those and other questions are what I ask in my book (*work in progress*). My aim is to inspire everyone I meet to stop and think about why are they doing the things they are - why are you here? What makes sense to you? What is your point? 

Those who know me agree that that 'What's the point' is the most favourite question of all time. It’s what defines design, it’s what defines me as a person and a working professional. My life doesn't make sense, but I'm trying. What about you? 

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