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What yoga has taught me

'If I was an animal, I would be a bird.' The words of Christina, the co-founder of Yoga Garden, echoed in my head long after I left the room. A bird, unrestricted and free. Independent and with a great perspective. This is her. This is me. This is freedom!

Christina was the light I was looking for, the breath of fresh air I was longing to inhale. Her thoughts resonated with me and her life approach was identical to mine. Money is not important. Feeling good is what matters the most.

I found heaven in the least expected of places, in Brno. Here is where I‘m born, here is where my roots are. But now, maybe surprisingly, here is also where my soul lies. I found my two gurus, Nikol and Christina. All I need is their soothing voice and a yoga mat. In that moment, everything stops and I am here and now. Happy and satisfied with the way I am. Simply being…

For a long time, I’ve been struggling to identify what is right and wrong. I was unsure about what I should do; work-wise and relationship-wise. And then I finally got it! All you have to do is listen to your gut. Your head, stomach and heart will tell you whether what you’re doing is right. You feel it in your bones, see it in your eyes - is there a spark? If not, then stop!

Letting go is something I have been most fearful of and yet, having moved six times in life, I grew accustomed to it. Each time feels like the first, it does not get any easier. But thanks to Marie Kondo, letting go is a little simpler.

All I need now is my body, my spirit and my mind. Without a phone, a yoga mat and oats, life is pretty tough, but in no way is it impossible. I want to go with the flow and figure things out as I move forward. I love dancing in the rain, walking barefoot on grass and looking up to the sky in a city. I do all the crazy things typical strangers do. And I am proud to be one of them. Grateful to be alive...

Dancing in the rain, walking barefoot on grass and looking up to the sky in a city. Grateful to be alive...

Listen to others but don’t let their voice discourage you. They are your guides if you need them. The supporters when you seek help. The shakers when you are fearful. But you are the author of your story, not them! They are not you. Each and every one of us is beautiful in our own way and thanks to people like Christina and Nikol, we can all find beauty within ourselves. You just need to start looking.

Yoga has shown me how to appreciate myself, see the beauty within and celebrate little goals and achievements. Maybe you need something else, try meditation, write a journal, listen to a podcast or watch a film. Find whatever works for you and dedicate time and space to it. The results are astonishing. Now tell me, what will your journey be?


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