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London's Hidden Gem: the Roof Garden

If you are in search of a venue for your ultimate summer party, look no further! The Kensington’s Roof Gardens happen to be just the right place for you. Let the crazy palm trees, the vividly-coloured flowers and the blush pink flamingos take you from the exhausting smog of London to the pumping heat of Ibiza.

It is hard not to make this blog post sound like an ad but, though I am not a big fan of the summer season, once I stepped into the Spanish Garden, my heart has been stolen. What I love most about this place is the amount of fauna and flora that occupies every single corner. And the view, aww, the view!

Everything here creates the perfect background for a summer romance

Upon closer examination (two glasses of rosé and a mild sunburn later), you can see little bumblebees teasing the rainbow petals as you allow the summer blooms blow away the winter blues. The smells, the sounds, the sunshine, everything here creates the perfect background for a summer romance. If only did the waiter look more like George Clooney. Once you start believing that you have been transported to a paradise, pop upstairs and sample some of the best cocktails on London rooftop bars. Then, you will be ready to fully unwind.

This 5-star service comes at a price – but more than your financial attractiveness, you should be bothered by your schedule. Obtaining a booking can take a while and so, if you cannot postpone your wedding/ birthday/ anniversary party, you might as well look elsewhere. If you decide to wait, I would suggest one thing – start saving up because in the Roof Gardens you either go big, or go home! Although the experience is worth every penny, it is a high-end experience which is more easily affordable for the elite than for us, humans. Nevertheless, it is not unachievable and what would life be without dreams and wishes that might (not) one day come true.

In the Roof Gardens you either go big, or go home

On the other side, South Kensington’s rooftop venue allows visitors to experience a holiday-like feel at a fraction of its price! And what more, you can come back again and again without the typical airport hassle – killing the excessive time, squeezing your cosmetics into 100ml bottles, or queueing alongside the bloody tourists.

To all the newbies in London, I would say one thing – if you want to see the Roof Gardens, go now!  Soon you discover that all your money suddenly disappears on rent, transportation and food. Also, plan your visit for a weekday, to avoid the confused tourists and to admire the walking workout outfits with full-on make-up because that is as much of an inseparable part of South Ken as are the flamingos of the Roof Gardens. Cheers to them!


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