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1st Wedding Anniversary: Lenka & Wedding Anniversary: Lenka & Marek

Weddings are my favourite type of events. They bring people together to celebrate a milestone of a friend or a family member. On this day all you must do is eat, drink and be merry (who needs Xmas?).

I am dangerously close to the age when my friends will start getting married (right, brother?) but till then, I will enjoy the beautiful memories from a wedding which I attended a year ago and often recall to the current day.On the 16th of September 2017, the mum of my best friend was getting married. And I was invited! It goes without saying that I immediately booked my flight from Paris and, in my head, started planning the perfect wedding day. Well, when it came to it, it was nothing like expected. The time was tight, the weather was poor and the vila was closed. Unlike the soaked ground, the day’s events were not exactly smooth. But hey, that is part of what made it unforgettable!

It was clear from the beginning, that this wedding will not be your usual Cinderella ball. Having spent some time with the bride and groom in the past, I knew that high heels and tuxedos were not their favoured dress code. That is why I was so excited to see the newlyweds all dressed up before they took their vows. And they looked stunning!

The wedding was set on the grounds of the Jurkovic House, an example of the finest architecture in Brno, beside which there is a magical rose garden. The venue could not be more suitable. After the ceremony, guests were also invited for a tour which was a great addition to the day. Though personally, I could not get enough of the traditional Czech cakes, the homemade Moravian wine and, above all, the smiles of the newlyweds!

I was lucky enough to be a part of the ‘Team Bride’. Though I only flew in for the weekend, I was trying to be as useful as possible and not mess up (too much) the make-up, the hair, the dress. And I also had a special task, one which I am not assigned often (wonder why) – to calm everyone down. And it worked (ish)! Although we ran out of time, we still managed to have fun and were overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

At the end of the (slightly hectic) morning, every little piece fell into place. The guests gathered, the register arrived, the band was ready. And then; here comes the bride. So beautiful we all went silent and carefully watched every step of the soon-to-be wife and husband. Everybody was so moved, that even the skies started crying. I could not help but hold my breath and inhale the love that was in the air.

Surrounded by countless happy smiles, I felt so grateful to be a part of this special day. Before I even realised, the ceremony was over and we were all taking pictures in the garden, congratulating and laughing with the newlyweds. It was a perfect moment. That kind you wish would last forever and always recall when you feel down.

I realised how important it is to live in the moment. It is occasions like these we become aware of what we have and become eternally grateful for. Love, in every form, is beautiful and weddings are a great way to celebrate it. I could not be more fortunate – to be invited and to participate in this wedding. It was a day I will cherish in my heart forever. And yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but isn’t that what weddings are all about?

Thank you, my friend, for the invite from. Thank you, Lenka and Marek, for sharing the celebration of your relationship with me and congratulation on your first year together as husband and wife. Here is to many more!

All the wonderful memories from the day were captured by the skilful Petr Novak. Some photos are mine, those that look 100times better are his.



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