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Why home? Why now?

Questions I get ask all the time ever since I left the UK. Short answer? Why not. Long answer? Read below.

Moving back home is often seen as a loss or a failure (read here) by those living abroad and their relatives. However, for me, it was the best decision I could have made. Being back home not only saves money, on rent, on food, on living standards in general, but what more? I get to spend time with people I grew up with, those who knew me long before I became this design/low-waste/OCD freak (shall I say blogger?) and still love me today. Isn’t that awesome?

The ones I missed the most whilst living abroad was my family. It has recently expanded and since I am a huge fond of my newly acquired relatives, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to build strong bonds.

Home is also about comfort. I understand the Czech mentality, I know how people react in certain situations and are more likely to smile back at me. Home is safe and secure. Something I've always missed in London. Besides, home is safe and secure. Two virtues I have always missed in London. I believe in building home anywhere in the world, but the one thing about the original home is it’s already built for you. It requires zero effort and if you are fortunate enough, there will always be people to welcome you with open arms.

Home is safe and secure. Something I have always missed in London.

And so, I left my British life behind. Packed my bags and brought it all back. I reduced my wardrobe, had to cut everything in half, and started learning new habits in order to find balance in the new. I haven’t missed the old days yet, though I’m sure it will happen some time. So far, I have been focusing on the new, the old and the ordinary. I now enjoy the little things, the warm hearts and the kind words of people I meet. I cherish every day I get to spend in the room I grew up in and have the dog lay by my side. I love taking a walk in the nature when the air is crisp, or admiring the night sky adorned with a thousand stars.

And how about the practicalities?

Yes, I still have a job (I work freelance, remember?).

Yes, I moved back in with my parent because why the heck wouldn’t I?

Yes, I will stay for a short period of time but will most likely to move to Berlin in January (because did I ever manage to stay in one place for an extended period of time?)

So, here I am. Back with the roots, back with my heritage. Back with my family, back with the friends. It’s been a week since I moved back and honestly, I don’t feel any different. I work, I meet up with people, I go to the farmers’ market to shop. I love being home and try not to think about what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I’ll meet someone, maybe I’ll start a career here. Who knows?

The possibilities are endless but for now I’m happy with the choice I made. I couldn’t be happier to - just - be - home.


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